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Safety and Security

With the entry into force of the International Ship and Port Facility Code (ISPS), the port of Dakar has made all financial and material arrangements to conform its facilities and operation to the directives emanating from the SOLAS Convention.

With this in mind, the Port Autonome of Dakar has set up:

  • A centralized navigation aid at the harbor lookout, equipped with an Automated Identification System (AIS) and functional mark-up structures;
  • A surveillance system for the harbor and the water plan using radars, remote monitoring systems and nautical patrols;
  • A device for securing access and the port enclosure with the setting up of the multi-purpose operational center equipped with high-tech equipment.

Since the arrival of Dr. Cheikh Kanté, we have witnessed the strengthening of security with the establishment of a corps of 450 trained officers under the ISPS code. In addition to strengthening the perimeter of accesses of the first curtain, managed by the gendarmerie maritime company by a decision fixing the new conditions of access.

Naval resources for maritime surveillance (patrol boats and two zodiac video surveillance vessels at the harbor level) and others for ground surveillance (patrol vehicles, video surveillance at port facilities (PI) and embankments Have been put in place and the port authority scrupulously ensures compliance with the weights for the control of the overall tonnage, compliance with the provisions of WAEMU regulation 14 and the traffic police.

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