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CSR Approach

Corporate Social Responsibility is a new management concept whose foundation is religious because it is based on the values ​​of sharing and solidarity specific to religions. In 1953 the Protestant churches of the United States of America decided to sponsor a study in relation to the disturbing behavior of the homo-economus living in a liberal environment where all the blows are allowed to enrich themselves.

It was in this context that the Keynesian economics professor, Bauwen, published a work called "Societal Responsibilities of the Businessman", in which the actions and decisions of the homo-economist had to be consistent with the values ​​of civil societies through Non-selfish behavior. Then the concept has metamorphosed and emptied of its religious essence to focus on the company. Recognizing the environmental damage and injustice caused by global business, the Secretary-General of the United Nations considered it urgent to raise the alarm bell in 1990 at the Davos Summit in a document called Global Compact "to help companies to reconsider not only the economic dimension, but also the social and environmental dimension of their action. In 2001, the European Union published the "Green Paper" which is totally CSR oriented and makes the global concept except in Africa.

In 2012, following my appointment at the head of the Port Autonome of Dakar by the Head of State, President Macky SALL, I wanted the PAD, a company that listened to its time by integrating the capital As an essential element of performance. Thus the PAD was the first company in West Africa to have a Directorate of Human Capital and Organization. This is to take over the aspirations of the workers in terms of upgrading, training and motivation, with particular attention to women and retirees. By strengthening social housing policy, I am committed to ensuring that every worker has a decent roof and that the concept of "a port, a roof" is a living reality.

Beyond the internal aspect of CSR, the dynamics of the CSA have embraced the vision of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Macky SALL, contained in the Emergent Senegal Plan (PSE), which is based on Two dimensions: economic and social.

By redirecting the redistribution of funds allocated by the Board of Directors of the Dakar Autonomous Port to tackling the needs of the most vulnerable groups in the fields of health, education, full employment, sport and Culture, among others, I wanted to raise hope among populations that had lost it. From Mako to Kafountine, via Kédougou, Kaolack, Fatick, Thiès and Dakar, the CSR of the Port Autonome of Dakar deployed so that the emergence is on the march.

The PAD wants to be the pioneer in the accompaniment of the state authorities to take charge of the needs of the populations. Our dream is that CSR be framed by the State so that it is a driver of performance for companies and well-being for the people. Finally, in order to go further and in agreement with the Board of Directors, I decided to set up a "Port Autonome de Dakar Foundation" which will unite all the stakeholders of the Port deploying in CSR , To give more scope to our actions.

Dr Cheikh Kanté, Director General of the PAD, a Manager fully committed to CSR.


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