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The Oil Wharf has been entrusted to the Belgian operator SEA INVEST for a period of 25 years. Located in the northern part of the port of Dakar, the Wharf oil tanker was built in 1954 and has been the subject of several studies and expertise for its reconstruction.

Its new reconfiguration and rebuilding by 4 m replenishment provides a lively area of 8,000m² and a commercial depth of -12m compared to the reference hydrographic datum.

This new version redistributes the economic charts and the new maritime lines dedicated to the port of Dakar.


Installation of loading arms and lines required for operations;

Renewal of existing stations 1 and 2 including the installation of loading arms and lines to link 4 stations (1,2,91 and 92);



Network (Water: Potable and Fire);


Sewerage network.

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Together towards the Port of Excellence on the West African coast by 2023.


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