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Distribution Platform

With a covered storage capacity of about 40000 m2, the logistics platform is built on a surface of 21 ha, fully developed in the northern zone of the port and contains the following infrastructures:

  • 04 sheds of 2500 m2;
  • 03 sheds of 8000 m2;
  • 01 shed of 5500 m2;
  • 750 parking spaces trucks;
  • A zone of real and fictitious warehouses;
  • Offices for wholesalers, forwarders and customs;
  • A zone of roads and maneuvers;
  • Earthworks;
  • A center with parking lots for large trucks and light trucks.

This diversity in design and construction makes it possible to offer logistical solutions appropriate and adapted to the needs and requirements of current and potential port users.

Beyond the objectives, the infrastructure allows:

  • To provide a boost for existing port infrastructures by strengthening the infrastructural heritage;
  • To remain a commodity exchange, in particular, by allowing, at the same time, the storage, the sale, and the purchase of cereals;
  • Improved transshipment facilities, reduced customs clearance times, productivity of handling operations, and the establishment of new logistics operators are all opportunities to develop the Dakar hub.

The infrastructure is granted to several operators:

  • The SNTT (02 hangars of 2500m2, 03 hangars of 800m2, 01 shed of 5500m2);
  • TOM (Drain);
  • ITS (01hangar of 2500m2;
  • SEDIMA (01 shed of 2500m2).

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