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GCO Terminal

The Government of Senegal awarded Grande Côte Opérations (GCO) in 2007 a 25-year mining concession.

Ilmenite, zircon, rutile and leucoxene are the different types of mineralized sand that will be extracted from this mine.

In full capacity, annual production is estimated at about 600,000 tons of bulk commodity (ilmenite) and 95,000 tons of containerized products (zircon, rutile, and leucoxene).

This production will be shipped to different destinations in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania.


In order to optimize its operations, GCO has deployed the following means: The construction of facilities in the port of Dakar (mole 5) with an area of ​​30,000m² with a storage shed of 100,000 tons of bulk products, a storage area and a Capacity of 100 containers, fixed and mobile conveyors and a mobile vessel loader.

The rehabilitation of the quay platform, at mole 5,

The renovation of the Mekhe-Hann railway (112 km) and the construction of a new road linking Diogo to Mekhé (22 km), Bel-Air and the GCO site at mole 5.

The acquisition of clean railway equipment (locomotive hopper cars and flat wagons). ;

These installations are certainly among the most modern of the port of Dakar, and are part of the overall project of modernization of the General Direction of the port.

At the environmental level

The product is protected from external aggression and contamination is virtually nil. In addition, ilmenite is transported by hopper cars which will be unloaded at port level. The unloading will be carried out under optimum conditions of protection of the ores because it is very sensitive to external pollution. Indeed, tarpaulins have been installed to avoid the infiltration of dust into the hangar. In addition to this measure, the equipment used for bulk transport in ships is very watertight; The conveyors are covered and have tubular strips.

By implementing means to protect our products, we also avoid contamination of food products stored in the port.

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