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RO-RO Terminal

Dedicated to traffic, Ro-roTerminal was granted to Dakar Terminal for a duration of 25 years on 28 November 2014. The terminal is spread over an area of 8 ha with 700m of linear wharf that meets the specificities of this type of Traffic in terms of security and accessibility. Eventually, Dakar will be able to serve the neighboring countries for importing vehicles. The excellent geographical position will enable us to play a leading role in the transshipment of vehicles from the Americas to the countries on the Atlantic coast of Africa.


Improvement of East Quay

Dredging of the East Quay at -10,50 m

Construction of buildings and dedicated areas


Extension of the mole 2 (170 ml of quay and 14450 m² of median)

Construction parking on floor (15 000m ²)

Two-story car park

Our services

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PRO Space

Professionals of the sector, this space is exclusively dedicated to you. You will find there all the useful information and all the documentation needed for a better partnership with the PORT AUTONOME of DAKAR.
Together towards the Port of Excellence on the West African coast by 2023.


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