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Status & Mission

The Dakar Port Authority (PAD) changed status on 1 July 1987 from a public industrial and commercial company (EPIC) to a national company with a capital of 52 billion FCFA. This is the purpose of Act No. 87-28 of 18 August 1987, as amended.

PAD’s missions are to:

  • Operate and maintain the seaport of Dakar and its outbuildings, manage its tangible and intangible assets, and improve and extend its facilities;
  • Create or acquire and use any funds or businesses of the same nature;
  • Engage the company, by any means and in any form whatsoever, in any companies created or to be created; and
  • Generally, undertake any commercial, industrial, tangible or intangible or financial transaction directly or indirectly related to the object defined above.

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PRO Space

Professionals of the sector, this space is exclusively dedicated to you. You will find there all the useful information and all the documentation needed for a better partnership with the PORT AUTONOME of DAKAR.
Together towards the Port of Excellence on the West African coast by 2023.


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