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Term Description

This is a sale that is expected to be delivered along the wharf (Free Alongside Ship).


Full Container Load. Quantity of goods constituting a complete container.


Is defined as a shipping operation that does not include the cost of loading or unloading (Free In and Out).


Is a sale for which delivery is planned on board the ship (free on board)


Operation of repair or maintenance of the constantly immersed part of a ship.


Small container ships collecting containers in secondary ports to collect them in major ports (and vice versa). This term is also used for the transport of conventional goods. This concept was born in the 1960s to allow for the redistribution of containers from large container ships with one or two ports per continent.


Service provided by the feeders. Collection and redistribution of goods. Transshipment between large line ships (mother ships) calling at a limited number of ports and smallest vessels (feeder vessels) transporting goods to smaller ports than ship owners do not provide direct service


Goods that transport the ship, commercial loading of a ship, but also the price of the transport proper (rate of freight).


Designation of the docks at Le Havre in the various commercial docks. The name of a Minister of Public Works.

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