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Term Description

The space included in the bottom of the ship under the holds filled with fuel or water to test or modify the attitude of the vessel. By extension, this word designates the liquid contained in the ballast.


The ship's final approach to the work (wharf or wharf) designed to allow vessel parking, mooring and handling.

Bill of Lading B/L

Title representing the ownership of the goods entrusted by the Shipper to a Shipper. The bill of lading shall be drawn up by the ship owner and shall enable the consignee to claim the goods from the ship owner.


A large metal drum or bulbous steel mass installed on a quay for mooring ships.


A standardized platform for intermodal transport.


Specialist purchasing or selling goods, or dealing in insurance, freight rates, securities and securities or other business on behalf of a principal, for an agreed commission; Sales or transactions are not negotiated in its own name but in the name of the principal. There are several categories of brokers, the main ones being: a marine broker, a broker interpreter and a ship operator (sworn). Charter broker (acting on behalf of the merchant: the exporter, he is looking for the vessel), charter broker (acting on behalf of the ship owner, looking for cargo), purchasing broker and sales of ships, Sworn broker, insurance broker.

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