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  • Water supply

Fresh water refueling with a completely renovated system is carried out using 132 berths at berths distributed as follows:

  • North Area: 42
  • South Zone: 32
  • Fishing Zone: 58

In the harbor, it is carried out by floating tanks of 220 to 400 tons with a flow of 100 m³ / H to 30 meters of manometric height. There is a fleet equipped with motorboats between the docks and the outer harbor.

Victualling can also be done by barge.

The management of water quality redistributed by the TBP has two components:

- control of the safety of water by means of sampling and analysis.

The inspection is carried out by an approved analytical institute. Based on the results of the analyzes of the samples, the provider (Institut Pasteur) provides a detailed report justifying the probable causes of the quality altercation and indicates the treatment to be undertaken, specifying the degree of urgency.

- The treatment

Upon receipt of the report of the service provider, the necessary measures shall be taken. If there are non-conforming points, appropriate processing will be carried out as soon as possible.

In order to monitor the quality of the treatment, the analytical institute sends once a week and per treatment point an agent to monitor the operation and renewal of disinfection products.

  • Hydrocarbon refueling

The hydrocarbon fueling network comprises 213 outlets distributed over 10 stations capable of supplying 250 / T / H ship, with the possibility of delivering up to 1000 / T / H per station.


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