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There are two dip-over schemes at the Port of Dakar:

  • Unmarked bunkers that can be allocated to any customer who requests and according to availability;
  • Leased reserves that are allocated to a client called the leaseholder, in the form of a lease of a duration generally varying between nine (09) and twenty-five (25) years on the basis of a specification.

Goods landed from ships may stay free of charge on unmarked land until the expiry of the deductible period which is as follows:

  • Seven (07) days after the end of the ship's operations, for conventional goods and vehicles destined for Senegal;
  • Twenty (20) days after the completion of the ship's operations for conventional cargo in transit;
  • Twelve (12) days after the end of the ship's operations, for vehicles in transit.

Covered storage areas (hangars): 98 351 m²

  • South zone: 19 335 m2
  • North Area: 79,016 m²

Outdoor Storage Areas (Deck): 216,309 m2

  • South zone: 118 565 m²
  • North Area: 97,744 m²

Container deposition areas: 324 208 m²

  • South zone: 3 956 m²
  • North zone: 320 252 m²

Cold stores: 15,000 m2

  • Volume of hydrocarbon storage: 290 000 m3


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