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Removal of goods

The removal of the goods on the unmarked reservoirs is systematically subject to the issuance of the PAD visa by the Supervisors Taxators, on presentation by the customer of the Good to Deliver (BAD) of the shipping company, accompanied by:

  • Of a customs document:
    • Either of a voucher to be removed and the Customs declaration,
    • Or an APDE (Provisional Landing and Abduction Authorization) of the Customs,
    • Or a TIF (simplified declaration of international transit by rail),
    • Or passing traffic (in the case of non-residents of embassies, consulates or international organizations),
    • Or an ATA Carnet (International Customs Document for Trade Facilitation for Temporary Admissions),
    • Or a transfer request issued by Customs.
  • And a Good to Issue from the shipping company, with the following information:
    • The name of the vessel
    • The date of arrival of the vessel
    • Date of completion of operations
    • The date of posting of the goods
    • The name and address of the owner of the goods
    • The nature of the goods
    • The number of the bill of lading
    • The port of embarkation
    • The trade description of the goods (trademark, model number of packages, nature, weight, etc.)
    • The name of the handler.


Départ navire
Date Type Numéro Escale Navire Post à quai Consignataire Cargaison
Départ navire
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