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Port taxes

Fees applicable to pilotable vessels

The basis for determining the royalties on pilotage vessels is the volume expressed in cubic meter.

A ship is compulsorily controllable as soon as its volume reaches 1500 m3.

The basis for establishing the royalties on pilotable vessels is the volume "V" expressed in m3, defined as follows:

V=L x W x Tme

With :

L = overall length of the vessel expressed in meters

L = Maximum vessel width expressed in meters

Time = Maximum summer draft, expressed in meters, which can not in any case be less than 0.14 square root of L x l.

Port charges are mainly levied on :

  • Pilotage and marking
  • Docking
  • Undocking
  • Length of stay

Fees applicable to non-pilotable vessels

The so-called "non-pilotable" vessels are vessels of less than 1,500 m3 (size of vessel estimated using the formula V = L x W x 0.14 (L x W) ½).

For these vessels, piloting is not compulsory. In the event that it is requested, the general tariff will be applied. 

In all cases, non-pilotable vessels shall pay a marking, shelter and use charge for the protected watercourse, calculated on the basis of the volume "V", expressed in m3 of the vessel :

 V=L x l x Tme

L = overall length of the vessel expressed in meters

L = Maximum vessel width expressed in meters

Te = Draft is obtained by applying the formula: Te = 0.14 (L x W) ½ (0.14 times the square root of the product L x 1). 

Charges applicable to goods

They are:

  • The rights of way of goods for the import and export
  • the rights of way of goods in transit and transshipment
  • the duties levied on the passengers on international lines and on the national cabotage lines.

Occupancy charges of installations dedicated to storage of goods

They are:

  1. Unmarked bunkers,
  2. Unconventional installations adjacent to the dockside,
  3. Unconventional installations not adjacent to the docked edges
  4. Facilities located outside the customs (or port) barrier,,

Unmarked troughs

The goods to be loaded or disembarked may remain free of charge on the grounds and in the hangars of the internal zone during the following periods :

  • 07 days import or export for all goods including vehicles,
  • 20 days for goods in transit except for vehicles,
  • 12 days for vehicles in transit

Beyond the 7th day following the end of the free-of-charge period, the increase applies per m2 and per day to all the areas not yet released (+ 30%).

In relation to the basic tariff

The unconventional facilities next to the dockside

They are :

  • les terre-pleins de commerce                                                                           
  • les terre-pleins de pêche                                                                                  
  • les abords des hangars                                                                                                   
  • les hangars

However, an exceptional regime is applied to :

  • Penalties for improper stacking of containers:
  • increases for stacking in the reservoirs specially dedicated to the storage of containers
  • minorities for air and underground occupations
  • surfaces receiving office buildings,
  • medicines receiving dangerous products
  • Industrial buildings,
  • the fishing port where all the land is considered adjacent to the shoreline
  • rent for month

Unrestricted and non-adjacent land and storage facilities at wharf and year-round

They are :

  • Bridges under customs control                                               
  • Bonded warehouses                                                                                     
  • The outskirts of bonded warehouses                                                                   
  • Offices                                                                                                          
  • Land for industrial buildings (except fishing subject to the special regime)
  • Miscellaneous premises                                                                                                
  • Oil tanks                                                                                                                
  • pipelines                                                                                                     

 Land and facilities outside the customs barrier

They are :

  • Duty free landing piers                                                                            
  • Duty free hangars                                                                                  
  • Other duty free areas and facilities                                                   

Other taxes are paid to private or other structures under the control of the port authority.


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