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Domain Occupation

The area of ​​the port area is approximately 325 ha.

This port area comprises 163 within the customs barrier and 162 ha outside the customs barrier.

This area is of paramount importance for the Port Autonome de Dakar as it is a strategic instrument for its development.

The general framework for the management of this area is laid down by Act No. 76-66 of 02 July 1976, which establishes the code for the domain of the State.

But it was through Ministerial Decree 71-04 of 21 May 1965 that the State of Senegal granted the PAD 71 land titles dependent on its private domain and transferred in full ownership to the benefit of port 08 land titles.

There are about 600 clients in the harbor domain (customs barrier inside included). Each of them must normally have a complete client record at the beginning of the authorization to the end of the occupation contract.

In order to acquire a State authorization, a request must be made to the PAD Director General who, after agreement, examines the file at the Department of Domanial Affairs for follow-up. This is how a specification is developed and registered by the client.

After this registration phase, the client pays a deposit. This is followed by the issuing of the delivery report, which shows the customer's mode and start of invoicing.

There are three types of billing:

  • A bimonthly billing for customers of the small domain are invoiced (shops, restaurants, small eateries, etc.).
  • They are generally surfaces less than 100 m².
  • A quarterly invoice for occupations greater than 100 m² An annual billing for a few large customers such as domestic companies.

To clarify that the pre-billing of the public occupation is made at the level of the Harbor Operations Manager of the Port Operations Department. Once this phase has been completed, the summary reports are transmitted to the invoicing department of the Commercial and International Cooperation Department, which prepares invoices to be sent to customers.

It will then be up to the Finance and Accounting Department to collect the claims from the occupants of the estate.

The non-barrier area (HBD) has about 150 customers, while the domestic customs barrier (IBD) is occupied by about 60 customers.


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