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Land-based professions

Prepares studies related to the development, rehabilitation and maintenance of the port tool by its own means or by contract.

Agent responsible for the sale of admission tickets to the various categories of vehicles, the sale of access tickets to the Port and the establishment of daily payment slips, payment of daily receipts to the cashier.

Agent with only a partial knowledge of accounting, and who assists the accountant in keeping the accounts.

A CAP officer with at least two years of practice in the trade, who is responsible for the execution of mechanical parts under the control of an experienced fitter

Officer responsible for managing and updating the roster of CSA staff and related services; Managing and setting up the person's database; To update the individual file of CSA staff and related services.

Agent who holds a BACor equivalent diploma or equivalent, and / or with a broad professional experience; responsible for drafting and processing administrative, accounting or commercial documents.

Agent who participates in the design, implementation and maintenance of computer applications. Is responsible for identifying user needs, performing functional and organizational analyzes, programming, advising and assisting users.

Officer holding the diploma of archivist documentalist in charge of the conservation, classification, study of archives, historical documents.

Assists the Controller in the development of management indicators, in the preparation of the general budget of the TBP, and in the monitoring of the execution of the budget.

Has advanced level training with a Master's degree or a high level of professional experience and knowledge in his or her specialty and is constantly seeking improvements and innovations in his field

Senior staff member holding a BAC or any other equivalent degree and / or a strong professional experience. It processes manifests and codifies them in order to invoice customers.

Agent responsible for monitoring and tracking customer invoicing.

Agent Responsible for performing work of forming parts, treating metals and making tools

Agent who performs delicate and complex work requiring initiative and sense of responsibility and which defines the methods and means of execution for all works of boiler making.

Officer holding the CAP doing delicate and complex work requiring initiative and sense of responsibility and which defines the methods and means of execution for all masonry work

Agent who has successfully completed the training course for specialized agents of the Saint Nazaire beacon park or any other training establishment responsible for the maintenance of light buoys, gas flows and small technical fires technically entrusted to the lighthouse electro-mechanic.

Agent holding the CAP, in charge of conducting delicate and complex works requiring initiative and a sense of responsibility and which defines the methods and means of execution all carpentry work.

Receiving agent for receipts and expenses in cash, keeping the notebook, cash register and receipts from receipt of vouchers to accounting.

Directs, coordinates, and controls the activities of his cell.

Performs and executes simple tasks.

Officer in charge of the cranes at the dock and the maintenance, in very good condition, of the cab of the cranes.

Officer responsible for checking tickets and goods loaded on the launch and checking the level of filling of the craft.

Participates in the management of the maritime exploitation, assures the police of the safety of port roads, it assists the Commander of the Port.

In charge of drawing work.

Officer in charge of the automated implementation of the exploitation of documentary data, the dissemination of professional documentation and the management of a port and maritime library

Agent in charge of the surveillance of the port domain, to ensure compliance with the specifications by the users of the domain. Ensures the respect of contracts between users and the Port, regularization of works in the port area, develops siting plans, means formal notices, provides billing and collection elements to the head of the service and prepares trials Of remittances.

Agent responsible for the maintenance of the electrical network, the management of contracts for the maintenance of the electricity network and the energy data of the Port Autonome of Dakar. Participates in the coordination of the maintenance activities of the electrical equipments of the earth and naval equipment.

A CAP agent who performs delicate and complex work requiring initiative and a sense of responsibility, which defines the methods and means of execution for all electrical and building works

Agent Under the supervision of a highly qualified electromechanical engineer, repair and maintenance of electric motors and monitoring of installed equipment.

Officer responsible for the conduct, maintenance, current troubleshooting, and rolling of the road works.

Responsible for the receipt, registration and breakdown of confidential mail, on arrival and departure, filing and record keeping of the business conducted by the Responsible Party, receiving, sending messages, The organization of appointments and the management of planning.

Agent whose main task is the sale of tickets to passengers, control and evaluation of baggage, registration on a ticket of the number of tickets sold for each type of passenger, the establishment of the deposit slip and Of revenue.

Responsible for developing and ensuring regular monitoring of a regularity control program within the Finance and Accounting Department, ensuring that the procedures in force are respected and informing the hierarchy of the weaknesses and malfunctions noted.

Agent responsible for the daily distribution of fuel and lubricants to vehicles and motorcycles, and prepares periodic summary statements.

An agent with basic knowledge in mechanics, responsible for the maintenance and lubrication of motor vehicles or cranes, maintenance and monitoring and control of compressed air

Responsible for representing the Port in its policy of implementing foreign trade promotion and customer loyalty.

Officer responsible for monitoring the implementation of the budget, the seizure of the budgetary commitments made by the Port, the control of the correct allocation of commitments, verification and the prevention of any budget overruns.

Directs, coordinates, monitors and supervises the activities of the department's units

Responsible for managing, coordinating, controlling and administering a division with one or more departments in charge of designing and implementing an optimal divisional management policy.

Responsible for conducting civil litigation, civil litigation and civil litigation, as well as initiating and implementing legal alert procedures concerning legal risks that may involve the liability of the company.

The agent responsible for the withdrawal of all ordinary and registered mail and its distribution, receipt, recording and distribution of ordinary mail upon arrival and registration and shipment on departure, postal operations Other than accounting and financial, of the filing and holding of ordinary mail

Officer in charge of prospecting, managing, retaining, surveying and customer satisfaction, seasonality of traffic, maintaining reliable traffic statistics, developing and monitoring tariff policy, access control, and the collection of invoices issued.

Officer responsible for preparing the park's work program and ensuring its execution, carrying out the work of its team, planning the interventions of its competence, expressing annual material requirements, supervising and coordinating The work of section heads

Agent responsible for preparing and processing salaries on time, preparing payroll statements (pay slips, payroll slips, payment statements to third parties ...), liquidation for settlement within the Different states post-pay for the benefit of the State social agencies

Responsible for public relations with the immediate port environment, or extra, public relations with the State and its dismemberments.

Agent responsible for the procurement of goods and services according to the technical specifications defined by the units as soon as possible and at the lowest cost.

A design or command framework that usually runs a service with full responsibilities, broad autonomy of judgment and initiative, may have, under its orders, Level I or II executives, supervisors or executives.

Officer in charge of optimizing the management of the stocks, to supervise the commission in charge of the reform and the management of the materials and the materials of the Port Autonome of Dakar.

Lighthouses and Beacons

In charge of designing and implementing the maritime safety policy

Responsible for ensuring compliance with tax rules, rules and obligations, monitoring tax laws to ensure compliance with company obligations, monitoring and liquidating tax warnings from issuing administrations.

In charge of the control and verification of the elements of the pay before and after validation, to ensure the control and the follow-up of the payments of the contributions employer and employees to the social organizations (IPRES, CSS).

Officer responsible for setting up and managing the roster of main insured persons and their families and issuing letters of guarantee and purchase orders to providers; Receive and forward invoices from providers to the insurer, after certification by the physician.

Agent holding all the permits, responsible in particular for driving special vehicles (e.g self - crane, sweeper, etc.).

Responsible for the reception and assistance of foreign guests, from their arrival to their departure, the procedures for obtaining visas and for the start-up of all the agents of the company on mission abroad.

Holder of an Advanced Vocational Training Diploma in hydrography or any other equivalent, responsible for sounding and controlling bottom dredging, tidal fixation and verification; installing, maintaining and conducting surveillance of tide gauges and swell graphs, and measuring currents.

Agent who assists the insurance manager in the management of insurance policies, in relation to the competent services, insurance insurers and insurance companies

Officer responsible for putting in place administrative and financial management procedures; And to adapt them to the evolution of the organization and functioning of the services.

Responsible for the technical design, administrative organization, analysis, implementation, maintenance and documentation of the application entrusted to him, to organize the presentation of the project to the various Information and users.

An agent assigned to work that does not require any professional qualifications, which involves retrieving documents from the CSA services, classifying and cleaning the repository.

Officer responsible for controlling the landing of fishery products.

Officer responsible for managing the counting of days of leave and developing decisions related thereto and the scoring system, preparing the monthly statement of attendance, leave and medical rest and to establish the monthly statement of absences.

Has a higher education level with a Bachelor's degree or experience and high professional knowledge in his or her specialty.

Officer who is able to monitor installed devices and intervene on buoys and lights, ensures the maintenance of lights, buoys and headlights, under the supervision of the head of the coastal lights sector, participates in the installation of electrical appliances and Based on solar energy.

An agent with basic knowledge in electricity, responsible for monitoring the beacons and beacons, ensuring their proper functioning and capable of intervening in the event of small breakdowns.

Officer in charge of supervising and controlling the team under his command, in the monitoring and maintenance of the lighthouse, in the installation of the lighthouse equipment, in the participation in the qualitative reception of parts and tests. Ensures the preventive and curative maintenance of the lighthouse.

Assists the Head of the Lighthouses and Beacons Subdivision in the development of dashboards for project monitoring, monitoring of relations with specialized organizations (IALA, IHB, IMO etc.), in the management of the relations with the possible clientele for the services of marking and hydrography.

Agent responsible for laying, repairing locks and other closing systems and for making replacement keys.

Directs, coordinates, controls and supervises the activities of the Dakar Goree maritime Liaison.

Mechanical engine maintenance and repair agent.

In charge of the follow-up of the internal communication and all related actions, relations with the media, the collection of articles and the availability of other elements to be published.

Officer in charge of recording the indexes of the instruments of measurement and the calibration of the water, electricity and telephone networks.

Officer in charge of the Diploma of State Midwife responsible for ensuring the health of port families in gynecological obstetrics and family planning, to prepare periodic reports on the status of prenatal and postnatal consultations and family planning

Officer responsible for the maintenance of land and naval equipment, management of maintenance contracts. It participates in the coordination of the maintenance activities of the equipment.

Agent holding a medical-social assistant diploma or having sufficient professional experience capable of taking constants, sterilizing medical equipment, managing family records and performing care under the authority of a Nurse, and to provide care to patients.

Agent responsible for receiving and transmitting telephone calls and monitoring telephone statistics by maintaining an entry and exit register.

Officer responsible for drug stock management, distribution and inventory of medicines.

Agent who assists the manager in the execution of various plans with modern means such as CAD, CAD, especially those annexed to tenders: marine works - various networks - buildings - public works.

In charge of the execution of the various plans with the modern means such as CAD, CAD, management of the plans resource base (classification, update plans, maintenance of a manual of identification of plans ...), and printing plans.

Agent in charge of sanitary installations, repair of water leaks, disgorging of sanitary ware.

Manages the port's maritime operation and ensures the port security police.


A full-time BAC candidate who successfully completed one year of computer studies. Is responsible for the implementation of the programs designed by the analysis for computer processing.

Officer responsible for initiating and implementing any justified measures to enhance the safety and health of buildings and installations outside the customs barrier.

Responsible for managing the workforce, processing job applications and staff movements, maintaining a computer file of the workforce, monitoring workforce trends, and manage the directory and skills repository.

Officer in charge of the surveillance of the entrances and exits, the reception and the orientation of the visitors.

Employee with experience in accounting if possible. Responsible for collecting the Port's receivables from customers; client portfolio management, of activity report preparation, default payment checks, and transmission of letters of formal notice and statements of account.

Agent holding the diploma of the School of Sanitary Agents. Her/his job is to provide first aid and to prepare the elements for a medical consultation.

Agent who implements the technical means necessary for the reproduction of the documents by diazocopy, photocopy or electrocopy, in charge of the reproduction of all the documents of all the services of the Port.

Hold an IBC diploma; is responsible for promoting and maintaining the CSA brand, identifies and monitors current and potential CSA clients.

Assists the sales manager in the definition of the sales policy, and is in charge of customer prospection and follow-up.

Responsible for sanding and painting.

The BTS holder is responsible for receiving, processing and sending or storing correspondence. In this capacity, he is responsible for the organization and operation of the secretariat administration of a structure.

Direct, coordinate, control and supervise the activities of its structure, responsible for the execution of all the monitoring or coordination tasks prescribed by the Director General

Direct, coordinate, supervise and supervise the work of the services under his direction

Agent holding the BAC / G or the BTS and / or having a broad professional experience, responsible for keeping the general accounts of the institution

Holder of a BTS or any other equivalent, or with adequate work experience, able to excel in a particular technique.

In charge of supplying water to ships at the wharf, for connecting pipes to water vents, for drawing up and submitting supply coupons for invoicing, and recording the quantities supplied.Agent chargé de l’avitaillement en eau des navires à quai, de la connexion des tuyaux aux bouches d’eau, du dressement et de la transmission des bons d’avitaillement à la facturation, de pointer les quantités fournies.

Responsible for managing the daily life of the agent in his professional, family and environmental circles, managing the social center, studying medico-social cases received.

Officer responsible for monitoring the material and pedagogical organization of socio-educational activities, maintaining cordial relations between associations for the coordination of their activities in the interests of the company, and implementing the corporate culture policy

Officer holding the diploma of State nurse.

Agent responsible for creating and updating all operational general statistics, with a view to real-time processing; for disseminating statistics to all users; for conducting studies in the context of market diagnostics

Senior staffer holding a Bachelor's degree or equivalent degree, and with extensive professional experience. Responsible for counting and coding manifestos.

Agent with 5 years of experience in the field of inventory management and responsible for maintaining, in quantity and value, the stock cards for which he is responsible.

Agent holding a BTS or other diploma recognized in equivalence and having extensive professional experience in charge of the control, invoicing and taxation of goods on embankments and hangars.

Holder of a vocational baccalaureate, specializing in a specific technical field.

Responsible for training and centralizing all training requests, developing and implementing training plans, monitoring and evaluating training actions, and coordinating the activities of the port management certificate.

Agent responsible for putting the tires and auxiliary equipment in good condition, removing and installing the wheels.

Agent responsible for the installation, modification and repair of water pipes, valves and accessories.

Agent for the cutting of sheets for welding.

Welding and cutting agent.

Officer in charge of surveillance, guarding and cleanliness of the wharf of Gorée.

Responsible for the control of maintenance work, including roads, railways, embankments and docks, the drinking water supply and sewerage network, buildings, hangars, barriers Customs, cleaning and green spaces.

Agent holding the BTS or any other diploma recognized in equivalence and with a broad experience who is in charge of supervising the work on site, to control the work at the company, to follow on the work sites the process of advancement Of the work of the company

Officer in charge of the coordination of the teams and the control of the works on the company's management.


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