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Sea-based professions

Responsible for the repair and maintenance of naval equipment and supplies. Level of knowledge: Mechanic's patent P <3000 kw (Patent OM3).

Monitors and ensures the smooth functioning of the David Pontoon or floating crane engines. Level of knowledge: Brevet from 451 to 750 HP, or experience.

Ensure the proper functioning of the engines of driving power between 750 and 1360 horses. Level of knowledge: Brevet PC 750 HP, Brevet PC 750kw.

Ensures the control of the operations of the navigation Level of knowledge: BCNM, PNC (ex-patron of demarcation) or  Brevet < 500 UMS.

A sailor who oversees the work of the crew on board. He has experience of less than 5 years (M1) in grade or more than 5 years (M1 / A) in grade.

Level of knowledge: BCNM (-) 5 years in the category or experience

Level of knowledge: BCNM (+) 5 years in the category or experience

Assists the master of armaments and is in charge  of naval equipment. Level of knowledge: vocational training as a marine superintendent < 3000 UMS (Coastal Superintendent), Patron at Coastal Navigation or Patent < 500 UMS (PNC or ex-boundary patron)  + experience.

Ensures the driving of the pontoon. Level of knowledge: BCNM, or experience.

Pilot is to assist the master by providing local expertise and providing timely advice during the passage of the vessel. They provide local knowledge and experience to ensure safe navigation and protect the environment. They have an overall appreciation of local regulations and unique conditions in the port area.

Sworn agent, in charge of general surveillance, security and port police. He assists deputy port officers and port officers

Coordinates and manages all the activities of the armaments. Level of knowledge: Captain JB > at 3000UMS (CLC), (C<3000) experienced coastal captain.

Assists the mechanic for unit capacities between 850 and 1200 horse power. Level of knowledge: Brevet 251 to 450 HP or experience.

These are the mooring feature mechanics of power less than or equal to 250 horsepower. Level of knowledge: Patent 250 horses or experience.

The mooring boatman pilots a mooring boat sedan.

The mooring boatman manoeuvres a mooring boat.

The bosses command the units of more than 100 UMS (39.69 GRT). Level of knowledge: BCNM + experience

Responsible for monitoring the engines on board the Pilot boats from 250 to 500 horsepower.

In charge of ensuring compliance with the law of the Maritime Port Police, enforcing the rules of harbor operation and ensuring the Police of the highway.

(-1an) (1 to 3 years) or + 3 years with Knowledge Level: CAPM. It is a worker who performs seamanship, moorings and performs maintenance work on board.

He assists the skipper who ensures the command and maintenance of the stars from 225 to 350 UMS (106 to 170 gross tons). Level of knowledge: BCNM, or experience.

Sailor who provides the boss in case of absence, he does seamanship in the pilot, helps the Pilot to embark.

Worker who assists the boatswain in the tasks of maintaining the boats, seamanship and floating. Level of knowledge: CAPM or experience.

Responsible for preparing the crew and requests for derogation of seafarers, drawing up and monitoring the seafarers' career plans, and the scheduling of leave. Level of knowledge: Coastal Captain's Certificate, Patent of Chief of Watch, Patronage Boundary with experience.

Manages and operates the vessels from 80 to 250 UMS (34 to 120 gross tons). Level of knowledge: BCNM, or experience.

Seafarer responsible for maritime communications, the use of port radars, and the port watch. Level of knowledge: BCNM + specialization in communication.


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