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Our history

  • 1857


    The history of the Port of Dakar is closely linked to that of Gorée Island which was used by sailors as early as 1354. A very intense commercial activity reigned on the island until 1857, when consideration was given to setting up a maritime stopover in Dakar on the mainland. As a result, the French Governor signed an agreement with the Compagnies des Messageries Impériales to operate of a regular line between France and Brazil, with a mandatory stop at Dakar.

  • 1864

    Construction of the Beacons

    From 1864 to 1866, there was a white light with a radius of 25 miles; then came the commissioning of the Phare des Mamelles on April 1, 1864, followed by the installation of the Phare de Cap Manuel in 1866.

  • 1910

    Road & Rail Network Construction

    From 1910 to 1926, the port road and railway network and the electrified warehouses were constructed; and cranes and tugs were purchased.

  • 1926

    Piers 5, 6 & 8 Construction

    From 1926 to 1933, additional piers (5, 6 and 8) were constructed, as well as oil terminals at the North mole and dredging work.

  • 1933

    Pier 3 Construction

    From 1933 to 1939, Pier 3was constructed, hangars were built on moles 2 and 3, and new dredging work were finalized

  • 1945

    Pier 4 & Oïl Wharf Construction

    After 1945, Pier 4 (1947 to 1951) and the oil wharf (1954) were built.

  • 1962

    Fishing Wharfs Construction

    First fishing wharf built in 1962; second fishing wharf built in 1972.

  • 1980

    Fishing Port Construction

    A fishing port was built in 1980

  • 1985

    Container Terminal Construction

    The Container Terminal was built from 1985 to 1987. It was commissioned in 1987, consisted of two berths at -11, 60 m and 8 hectares of land exclusively for containers.

  • 1987

    Change of Legal status

    1987: Creation of a national company called which, on 1 July 1987, replaced the public industrial and commercial company that was created by the ordinance on 27 August 1960

  • 2009

    Installation Of ship-to-ship Gantry Cranes

    2009 : réception et installation de 2 portiques de quai de type Panamax par l’operateur DP World qui, depuis le 8 octobre 2007 a en charge la gestion du terminal à conteneurs.

  • 2010

    Inauguration of The International Ferry terminal

    Inauguration and commissioning of the international ferry terminal. Operations started right after the inauguration ceremony by President Abdoulaye Wade.

  • 2013

    Naming of Port Facilities

    Like the major European or Asian ports, PAD has named some of its major facilities after great emblematic figures who have marked the history of our country for having embodied values that are rare and that need revival as a foundation for nation-building, but also for the emergence of a new type of port.


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