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New oil wharf

On September 15, the PAD received the first batch of equipment for the new oil wharf. The objective to meet international standards. This meeting took place in a local hotel, in the presence of the heads of the Belgian partner "SEA INVEST".

Built in 1954, the oil wharf has suffered the wear and tear time. Its advanced sate of decay no longer permits heavy traffic. Faced with this alarming situation, PAD management to demolish it and to erect another one on the same site. The bill to 13 billion FCFA. According to the head of the project, all the studies concluded to the need for reconstruction. This reconstruction began in 2013. There was a demolition and reconstruction phase undertaken in accordance with international standards. The operation was entrusted to the Belgian multinational "SEA INVEST" and lasted six months. A transitional phase is underway and will start in October. Unloading capacity will be as high as 40 000 tons / day, compared to 5000 tons previously. The work will increase the rate of operation.

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